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BSJEE (Bihar): Nurturing Educational Excellence in Bihar





In the heart of Bihar, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, BSJEE (Bihar) stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for students aspiring to excel in their educational pursuits. BSJEE, which stands for Bihar Student Joint Entrance Examination, is more than just an examination portal; it is a holistic platform that empowers students through rewards, expert counseling, access to examination results, scholarship opportunities, and a supportive community.
Our Mission

At BSJEE (Bihar), our mission is to foster educational excellence by providing students in Bihar with the tools and support they need to succeed academically and beyond. We believe that every student possesses immense potential, and it is our duty to unlock and nurture that potential. Our multifaceted approach ensures that students not only perform well in exams but also make informed choices about their educational and career paths.
Services Offered

  1. Student Prizes and Rewards

We firmly believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding academic achievements. Bihar has a pool of brilliant young minds, and we aim to celebrate their brilliance by offering prestigious prizes and rewards. Our prizes serve as a source of motivation and encouragement for students to give their best in their studies.

  1. Expert Counseling

Education is a journey filled with choices and decisions, and it’s not always easy to navigate alone. BSJEE (Bihar) understands this, and that’s why we have a dedicated team of experienced educators and counselors. They are available to provide expert guidance and support to students, helping them make well-informed decisions about their academic and career paths. Whether it’s selecting the right course, preparing for an exam, or planning for higher education, our experts are here to assist.

  1. Portal for Student Examinations

Staying updated with examination schedules and information is crucial for students. BSJEE (Bihar) offers a comprehensive portal where students can access details about upcoming examinations. This includes important dates, examination patterns, syllabus, and other relevant information to help students prepare effectively. We understand that preparation is the key to success, and our portal is designed to be a valuable resource for students.

  1. Student Results

In the fast-paced world of education, timely access to examination results is crucial for future planning. BSJEE (Bihar) understands this need and has developed a user-friendly platform where students can check their results promptly. We ensure that examination results are readily available to students, allowing them to plan their next steps with confidence.

  1. Scholarship Applications

We firmly believe that financial constraints should never stand in the way of a student’s pursuit of education. BSJEE (Bihar) provides students with the opportunity to apply for scholarships. These scholarships are aimed at ensuring that deserving candidates receive the financial support they need to excel in their studies. We are committed to promoting equal educational opportunities for all students in Bihar.
Contact Information

For any queries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

Phone: 9798700700

42-B, 1st floor, Sahdeo Mahto Marg, Near Children Park
South S.K. Puri, Boring Road



Poco starts sale of 12GB RAM and 256GB variant of Poco X6, prices it Rs 20,999



Poco X6

Poco initiates sale of its new Poco X6 variant with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, priced at Rs 20,999. The phone offers impressive features and additional discounts through card transactions, EMI payments, or product exchange.

In Short

  • Poco starts selling 12GB RAM and 256GB variant of Poco X6 at Rs 20,999
  • The new variant is exclusively available on Flipkart in two colours: Mirror Black and Snowstorm White.
  • Additional discounts available with ICICI Credit/Debit cards, EMI payments, or product exchange offer

Poco’s newly launched Poco X6 is all set to go on its first sale today. Touted as one of the most powerful phones in the mid-range categories, the Poco X6 is available for as low as Rs 20,999. However, you are required to have the eligible cards in order to get the device at a discounted rate. The Poco X6 comes with the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor coupled with up to 12GB of RAM.

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Supreme Court refuses to interfere with SEBI probe into Adani-Hindenburg case (Credits: PTI)

The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to interfere with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) probe into the Adani-Hindenburg case. In its verdict, the Supreme Court held that there was ‘no ground to transfer the investigation from SEBI to SIT (Special Investigation Team)’, saying the George Soros-led Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)’s report can’t be the basis for doubting the SEBI report.

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Known for his visionary leadership and philanthropic endeavours, Ratan has been a beacon of inspiration in the business world. He assumed the role of Chairman of the Tata Group in 1991, transforming it into a global powerhouse with significant acquisitions such as Tetley and Jaguar Land Rover.

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